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Make your brand image
a key priority

First and foremost, our work involves tackling the specific marketing and communication challenges of each of our clients. During this essential development and promotion step, we strive to create an original and unique brand image. This step also serves as the basis for the deployment of any successful and forward-looking business strategy.

Our brand image services

Because your identity drives each of your future marketing actions, it’s essential to develop a strong and unequivocal position. Don't let the market dictate who you are. Together, we'll create the most beautiful portrait: Yours!

  • Research, analysis and internal and external interviews
  • Brand and positioning strategy
  • Name development (company, product, service, etc.)
  • Visual identity creation
  • Custom fonts design
  • Graphic standards guide
  • Communications tools (company presentation, brochure, booth, etc.)
  • Video production (corporate, testimonials, motion design)
  • Photography

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    They put their trust in us, and it's a two-way street!

    • « Thanks to its creativity and the quality of its approach, the Macadam team successfully developed Technopolys' brand image, and the companies, universities, research centres, associations and governments involved in the process unanimously accepted it. »

      Sébastien Barangé, Vice-President, Communications and Public Affairs, CGI​
    • « The Macadam team merged with our team seamlessly to help us develop two new banners. Even though the project was quite ambitious, together we developed the naming and visual identities in record time. The project was a tour de force brilliantly carried out by Benoît and his creative team. »

      Patrick Lavoie, Director of Marketing and Communications, UNIMAX TIRES​

    Frequently asked questions

    • Why should I have a branding strategy?

      The brand is unquestionably one of the most valuable marketing assets, no matter the type of company or organization. Not clearly defining your brand, due to lack of time or money, is like letting the market decide your fate.

      By developing your brand strategy, you can:

      • Communicate the uniqueness of your brand’s DNA the right way
      • Differentiate your company from competitors
      • Be easily recognizable to potential clients
      • Communicate with a unified voice and make it easier to attract and retain clients.
      • Mobilize internal teams around a common vision and attract the best talent
    • How long does it take to build a brand?

      Allow between six months and a year to create your brand and communications tools. This timeframe may be longer or shorter, depending on:

      • The size of your company and the number of stakeholders
      • The complexity of your products or services
      • The number of deliverables
      • The number of brand assets to be created
      • The budget you allocate to this mandate
      • Whether or not there is a deadline (launch, event, etc.)
    • What's the difference between a logo and a brand?

      The logo is one part of the great puzzle that is the brand. Although it's an essential and memorable component of a brand, the logo is simply a visual representation of your company.

      A brand is a set of perceptions, ideas and feelings that people have about your company and is built on the strength of hundreds of small actions that help consumers make a choice. It represents the place it occupies in people's minds and hearts.

      The brand manager function has emerged in recent years in response to the multiplicity of platforms and the democratization of content. This person ensures the proper use of the brand in all communications. As Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, said: “Your brand is what others say about you when you are not in the room.”

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