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Nautilus Plus 🤍 Alexandre Despatie

Nautilus Plus 🤍 Alexandre Despatie


For the second consecutive year, the beloved Olympic medalist Alexandre Despatie is partnering with the advertising campaign of Nautilus Plus. Created by Macadam, in collaboration with Adviso, Panda Media, and Hifens, this new media campaign is a follow-up to last year's platform.

"For the first year of our partnership with Alexandre, we fully leveraged our ambassador's image in all levels of communication. This year, after a year of training, we want him to tell us more about the benefits of being a Nautilus Plus subscriber. These messages are communicated through six web video capsules," says Karine Larose, Director of Communications and Marketing at Nautilus Plus.

"Beyond training, Nautilus Plus helps people realize their full potential. That's what we wanted to highlight with the S’entrainer à campaign. Training to be proud of oneself, to feel better, and to achieve, these are some of the messages supported by the visual platform featuring a new illustrative style for the Nautilus Plus brand. In addition to relying on a committed ambassador like Alexandre, these characters with disproportionate shapes can live on their own or accompany him in his adventures," explains Benoît Beauchemin, Partner and Account Service at Macadam.

"In our 5 years of collaboration with Nautilus Plus, we are confident that the lessons of recent years have allowed us to find the ideal media mix to strengthen the association between Nautilus Plus and Alexandre Despatie. Our goal this year is to bring Alexandre closer to our target audience by highlighting his human side in engaging content. The content created by Macadam allows for message flexibility that will highlight various forms of well-being available at Nautilus, across multiple digital channels," adds Meggy Barbier, Media Strategist at Adviso.

A judicious blend of traditional and digital media will allow the Quebec population to discover all that a Nautilus Plus subscription has to offer. It will also be possible to follow Alexandre's progress on social media.

Services provided

  • Communication strategy
  • Advertising creation and production
  • Video
Nautilus Plus 🤍 Alexandre Despatie
Nautilus Plus 🤍 Alexandre Despatie