Alexandre Despatie takes the plunge with Nautilus Plus | Macadam
Nautilus Plus x Alexandre Despatie

Nautilus Plus x Alexandre Despatie


Nautilus Plus’ new advertising campaign features the brand’s first ambassador in its history… Alexandre Despatie! Indeed, Quebec’s favourite Olympic medallist will headline the campaign and undertake a fitness program with Nautilus Plus health professionals.

“From our first meeting with Alexandre, I realized he and his personality, character and values were a natural fit with our company. As he approaches his late thirties, he’s ready to roll up his sleeves and improve his overall fitness,” says Karine Larose, Nautilus Plus’ Director of Communications and Marketing.

“In this campaign, we invite people to imitate Alexandre Despatie and take charge of their lives,” says Benoît Beauchemin, Partner, Consulting Services at Macadam. “Whether it’s to train like Alexandre, reward yourself like Alexandre or eat well like Alexandre, there are many reasons to put your trust in Nautilus Plus!”

An appropriate mix of traditional (radio, billboards) and digital (social media) media will allow the Quebec population to discover everything the Nautilus Plus Boomerang membership offers. People will also be able to follow Alexandre’s progress on social media.

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