The FRQ creates the Grands Sages Awards | Macadam, Montreal
FRQ x Les Grands Sages

FRQ x Les Grands Sages


The Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ), whose mandate is to support and promote research excellence and the training of the next generation of researchers, annually award prizes to emerging researchers, as well as established researchers and research professionals, to recognize the excellence of their work.

Through the Chief Scientist of Québec, Rémi Quirion, the FRQ commissioned the communication agency Macadam to create a new visual identity and testimonial videos for a new award category: the Grands Sages Awards. Three awards, one for each major research sector, are presented in the form of an additional $10,000 scholarship per year for four years, to three doctoral scholarship recipients whose applications, related to the field of expertise of each of the Grands Sages, ranked among the best in the recent competitions.

For this inaugural edition, this great honor was awarded to three prominent figures in scientific research in Quebec: Serge Payette from Laval University, Brenda Milner from McGill University, and Guy Rocher from the University of Montreal.

The Fonds de recherche du Québec are proud to propel research in Québec and to create a bridge between our Grands Sages and the next generation of researchers.

Services provided

  • Visual identity creation
  • Graphic standards guide development
  • Testimonials video production
FRQ x Les Grands Sages