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Innoviste, formerly known as the Comité sectoriel de main-d'oeuvre des services automobiles (CSMO-Auto), is launching a campaign to enhance the profile of priority trades in the motorized vehicle industry. Orchestrated by our agency, this initiative highlights four specialties facing labor shortages: automotive mechanics, heavy vehicle mechanics, bodywork, and automotive painting.

A deep misunderstanding of the industry
"Generally, there is a considerable lack of knowledge about the sector's trades, both among the younger people we aim to reach and encourage to pursue a vocational diploma (DEP), and among their parents. With this multichannel campaign, combined with testimonials from four young professionals with whom they can identify, we aim to highlight the training and the reality of the jobs," says Danielle Le Chasseur, Executive Director of Innoviste.

For the young and the not-so-young who thrive on challenges
"A career in the motorized vehicle sector isn’t for everyone, but those who like it will find great satisfaction and a good quality of life. A passion for cars, the desire to always learn, and a love for a job well done come naturally for our four ambassadors who thrive on challenges," comments Marc-André Beauchemin, consulting partner at Macadam.

The advertising campaign, with the participation of the Government of Quebec, will be aired on television, streamed online, and featured on social media.

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