Deloitte | Macadam Marketing, Montreal



Deloitte Canada wanted to launch a new range of AI services across Canada.

Deloitte’s services included advising clients on the best ways to implement leading-edge business practices to transform their organization, use and manage data from an AI perspective to find large-scale solutions and develop customized AI and analytics solutions to meet specific needs.

Our mandate was to create a name for this range of services. We came up with OMNIA AI. For this project, we worked with Deloitte’s marketing team in Montréal and Toronto. The term OMNIA was chosen because it signifies omnipresence: the state of being present, everywhere, at all times. It is also a short and very impactful five-letter word that begins and ends with a vowel, which makes it a very open and positive name. The brand image was made by Deloitte’s team.

Images credit: Deloitte Canada

Services provided

  • Brand strategy
  • Creation of a brand name
« For a project as strategic as the launch of a new business unit or brand, we were looking for the services of a flexible, dynamic agency able to challenge and support us during the implementation of national mandates in both official languages. Macadam fit the bill and became a valuable ally. »
Isabelle Turcotte, Marketing Leader, DELOITTE CANADA