$210,000 raised in 28 days for the Fondation Jean Lapointe

The 2016 edition of the 28-Day Sobriety Challenge was a huge success, raising $210,000. This significant amount will serve to finance the program whose aim is to raise awareness of the risks of alcohol and drug consumption among teens aged 12 to 14 in an effort to decrease the overall prevalence of this problem in Quebec. The program, aimed at high school students, is sponsored by the Fondation Jean Lapointe.

"It’s important to raise young people’s awareness urgently about this problem, and secondary one (grade 7) is the ideal time to take action and start prevention,” said Annie Papageorgiou, Executive Director of the Fondation. “The revenue growth from the 28-Day Challenge will enable us to visit even more schools.” Congratulations to the Fondation and our president, Benoît Beauchemin, for his hard work with the Fondation and with the 28-Day Sobriety Challenge.